About Us

Idaho Education News is an independent, on-line source for comprehensive news, information, commentary and data about K-12 education in Idaho. The website features in-depth stories on education practices and policies. IdahoEdNews.org is a free resource sponsored by foundation funding. 

Boise State University’s Idaho Leads Project heads the project. A $3.85 million grant from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation funds the Idaho Leads Project and Idaho Education News.

The Idaho Leads Project is co-directed by Boise State University professors William Parrett, CSIPS director; Roger Quarles, assistant professor of Educational Leadership; Kathleen Budge, associate professor of Educational Leadership; and Lisa Kinnaman, director of Improvement Support to States for CSIPS. The goal of the Idaho Leads Project is twofold: first, to support and enhance the advancement of educational improvement and reform in Idaho, and second, to share in an easily accessible manner, best practices to all interested districts, schools and charters.

 The program builds leadership capacity at all levels through professional development and technical assistance.

The goal of IdahoEdNews.org is to feature the most extensive coverage of K-12 education news in Idaho. The website will have the latest news from policymakers and commentary from stakeholders. The website also will features useful information, such as databases, links and directories to help Idahoans stay informed and in touch. The staff of IdahoEdNews.org is committed to reporting the education policies and practices that affect Idaho’s children and their future.

Idaho Education News was inspired by and modeled on Education News Colorado, a Denver-based nonprofit education news website. The staff of EdNews Colorado provided invaluable assistance in the launch of IdahoEdNews.org.

For more information, contact Jennifer Swindell, associate director of communications for The Idaho Leads Project and editor of Idaho Education News.